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XCEL Cameras

Why use SPYPOINT Xcel sports or hunting action Cameras ?

The SPYPOINT action camera is made for all occasions with the finest quality & Video resolution our Xcel range is made for all enviroments. The Xcel range can be used as as helmet camera or motorcycle helmet camera as well as a sports action camera or sports camera in general and any underwater camera activities. The Xcel series action cameras have the latest resolutions being 720P, 1080P & the latest 4K Resolution. Some of our actions cams also come with a remote control button to start and stop video footage or photos. The excel range can also take up to 6 quick snapshots of photos in multi shot mode as well as time lapse can be used. If your an outdoor enthusiast and enjoy being in the forest or outdoors you can also get the Hunting version which comes in a camouflage special casing to also blend in and protect our Xcel action camera range.

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XCEL 720 Action Cam

The XCEL 720 action Camera features:

720p HD video with sound, 5 megapixels pictures, 140° Field of view, Built-in 2" viewing screen.

XCEL 1080 Action Cam

The XCEL 1080 action Camera features:

1080p FULL HD video with sound, 12 Megapixels photos, 170° Field of view, 2” Viewing screen, Wi-Fi connectivity with free app to control the camera.

XCEL HD2 4 Action Cam

The XCEL HD2 action Camera features:

12 megapixels Photos, Full HD video with sound, Low light image sensor, Ultra-wide angle lens, Zoom 1X to 4X, 2-way remote control.

EXCEL 4K Action Cam

The EXCEL 4K action Camera features:

4K Ultra HD video with sound, 12 Megapixels pictures, 170° Field of view, 2” Viewing screen,Wi-Fi connectivity with free app to control the camera.

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