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Ethernet Tool Kit

The CCTOOL1 Twisted Pair Tool Kit features:

Modular Ethernet crimper, Ethernet cutter & splice with Cut, Crimp, Strip, RJ45 Connections & terminations.

Modular Crimper

The CCTOOL5 Crimping Tool features:

Modular Crimping Tool, RJ45/8P8C, RJ12/RJ11, 6P2C, 4P4C, 4P2C, Cut, Crimp, Strip.

Coax Tool Kit

The CTOOL2 COAX Tool Kit Features

Rotary cable stripper for coaxial cable RG58,59,6,62, Coaxial cable cutter 6.5" 1 cuts wire 0.D. up to 0.41" (10.5mm, Professional ratchet type crimping tool for coaxial connector RG58,59.6, BNC male crimp 3 piece type x 20 pieces.

RJ45 Tester

The RJ45 Tester Features

RJ45 Approval test, Short test, Parallel test, USB & BNC Connection.

Manual BNC Crimp

The CCTOOL4 BNC Crimp Tool features:

Manual BNC Crimp Tool, Used for crimping BNC connections, Ideal for CCTV, 960H, HD-SDI cabling.

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