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Smoke Screen Warehouse Security

No area to large

Protection for the warehouse and logistics sector

We provide effective smoke security for even the largest sites.

Our class-leading particle size means our units produce more smoke and use less fluid, making them the most effective and efficient on the market. Our special glycerine fluid blend creates smoke that is denser and longer-lasting than the average security smoke, meaning intruders are discouraged from persisting or returning.

Our generators produce smoke for longer than any other machine on the market, so they can fill the largest of areas and continue to be cost-effective. Over recent years it has become increasingly common for organised gangs of thieves and raiders to attack large warehouses in order to secure bigger hauls, so now is the time to review your warehouse security.

Improving security on entrance points is not enough – it is not uncommon for thieves to drive JCBs or lorries straight through warehouse walls. Unless you stop them in their tracks with a Smoke Screen security system, they will be in and out of your premises within seconds – taking your stock with them.

Smoke Screen generators are not only more effective than other types of security, they are cost-efficient too. Security smoke is perfect for providing protection in the wide, open spaces of a warehouse because it quickly hides the highest risk items before spreading to fill every available area.

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Smoke Screen Fog Office Security

Providing expert advice and solutions for your business needs

Smoke Screen Perfect for Workspace and Server Rooms

Offices are often full of valuable equipment and customer data, making them tempting targets for criminals. Protect your property and resources with a Smoke Screen system.

Protect your computer equipment, your data and your trade secrets.
Smoke Screen systems can be tailored to suit any sized office.
No residue means no cleaning up – our smoke is guaranteed not to damage your property or equipment.
Office security is often neglected because offices don't seem to make as obvious targets as shops and warehouses. But the fact is that they usually contain a lot of valuable equipment and data that needs to be protected.

The downtime resulting from an intruder ransacking an office very often costs a business more than the loss of the property that was stolen.

A Smoke Screen system provides instant protection and prevents break-ins from becoming costly and affecting your business. Our wide range of products means we can tailor your security solution to the size of your premises and the level of security you require.

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Smoke Screen Retail Security

Protecting jewels, watches, ipads, art, designer clothes, perfumes, cigarettes, alcohol, registers, scratchcards ... anything and everything.

Defeat Fast-acting Thieves with Faster-acting Smoke

High street stores, small outlets and supermarkets are often victims of the 'smash and grab' theft. The average attack on a retail property is over in 3 minutes. Stay one step ahead with a Smoke Screen system.

Fast acting thieves are thwarted by faster acting smoke. Our smoke generators fill a room within seconds, forcing the intruder to retreat empty-handed.
Minimise or prevent loss of valuable stock.
No residue, guaranteed – you will be able to resume trading straight away, with no clean up required and no damage to your stock.
Smoke Screen can prevent successful raids on retail businesses by completely obscuring the premises, giving thieves no option but to flee without their swag.

We have a range of products to suit any sized premises, from high-street stores to small corner shops. The newest Smoke Screen generators are particularly suitable for retail outlets because of their discreet and stylish appearance.

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