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The Smoke Screen Sentinel range is designed and manufactured as a permanent security solution that can be integrated into an existing intruder alarm or installed as a stand-alone system. The Sentinel range comprises some of the most advanced security smoke generators in the world.

Compact and easy to install, the Sentinel can be mounted in almost any configuration, including ceilings, walls and floors. Its compact size means it can be easily concealed, making it ideal for high-profile businesses whose clients are frequently on site.


The S30 is frequently used to provide protection in jewellers' window displays and internal storerooms and display cabinets. With its revolutionary design and efficient construction, the S30 is one of the most affordable products in the Sentinel range. It sees the end of the misconception that security smoke is only suitable for high value applications. Built to the same exacting standards as the rest of the Sentinel series but with different heater block technology and superb performance, the S30 is the ideal system to benefit small businesses and homes.


In the S70, precision engineered heater blocks and state of the art cartridge heaters offer higher levels of performance and reliability. This translates to a greater volume of smoke that produces no residue and lasts longer. New PCB technology, ergonomic

connectors and a built-in bracket design make installation quick and easy. Other features such as the internal battery back-up and a larger fluid chamber make the S70 incredibly versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications.


Available with two nozzle configurations (the S100 single nozzle and the S150 twin nozzle), this system is capable of producing staggering volumes of dry, dense smoke. The unique design of the precision-machined heater block generates the most consistent size smoke particle of any smoke machine available on the market. These units have been tested by the Atomic Energy Authority and declared the 'safest' and 'driest' in security smoke generators. The unparalleled reliability and muscular performance of the S100/S150 make this machine extremely robust and versatile. It can be used in countless applications, including sensitive areas such as server rooms, data storage areas and laboratories. Due to the extreme reliability of these units we are able to offer a 7 year warranty on the S100 and S150.

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