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How It Works: intruder breaks in, Smoke Screen activates, room fills with smoke, goods hidden, crime over

A Smoke Screen security system is the ultimate weapon against burglary and criminal damage. It protects your property by releasing thick obscuring smoke that hides valuables and disorientates the intruder. The sudden release of smoke will shock and confuse any burglar, forcing them to retreat from the property before they can lay hands on anything of value. Smoke Screen security systems react in seconds, meaning that the burglary is over almost as soon as it's begun.

Ultimate Protection, No Competition

Security smoke (security fog) is much more efficient, effective and practical than other security options on the market.

Shutters and grilles can make your business look unattractive and uninviting – the last thing you want when drawing in new customers and clients. Additionally, if a thief is determined enough, these measures won't stop them and the break-in will result in expensive damage that you'll have to deal with afterwards. Smoke Screen systems, on the other hand, are low-profile when not in use, fitting neatly on a wall or in a corner.

Should the worst happen and your property is broken into, the smoke will dissipate later leaving no residue and causing no damage, meaning you don't need to waste time making repairs or cleaning up.

A Smoke Screen system doesn't care how well prepared a burglar is – it will activate upon forced entry and hinder even the most competent of criminals.

Conventional alarms are often simply ignored. Criminals are usually in and out with what they came for before the police are able to react to the alarm. The police's average response time target for a 'crime in progress' is currently 15 minutes, by which time the intruders will almost certainly be long gone with your valuables. A Smoke Screen system, by contrast, will significantly obscure the burglar's vision, making it practically impossible for them to steal anything of value or even navigate through your property. The disorientation caused by the smoke may even slow them down enough for the police to catch them.

Installation and Service

We pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer service that goes above and beyond basic installation.

We are dedicated to ensuring you receive the optimal security smoke system for your needs and budget, and we'll be with you every step of the way making sure you get the most out of your investment.

We offer a free no-obligation survey and quote so that you can choose the best system for your property.
Our expert sales team is always on hand to provide advice about our Smoke Screens and how they work.
We will fit your Smoke Screen in the fastest time possible and to the highest standards so you can carry on with your day with minimal interruption.
We offer comprehensive 24/7 after-sales support should you have any questions or problems.
We will happily carry out servicing and maintenance on your system on a regular basis, and we offer extended warranties on all of our products so you're always covered.
So, what do our customers think?
Concept Smoke Screens have installed over 50,000 smoke generators and protected hundreds of millions of pounds worth of goods. But don't just take our word for it! Have a look at some of our clients' testimonials.

"Our stores were fitted with monitored alarms, shutters and CCTV. We tried everything and nothing stopped the losses. Then we fitted Smoke Screen. The losses stopped!" - Mike Gough, Tesco Security Director

"We now have Smoke Screen in over 200 stores and we have seen burglary losses fall through the floor. Would I recommend Smoke Screen? Absolutely, it works!" - Mike Green, Senior Property Manager, Boots the Chemist

"After installing Smoke Screen in our branches we have had attempted raids and witnessed dramatic results. This has revolutionised our approach to daytime raids and the results have been phenomenal." - Ash Harvey, Property Department, Aurum Holdings


Smaller particle sizes mean safer smoke and no residue.

We promise that our Smoke Screen units will leave behind no residue after they've been activated. Our smoke causes no damage to surfaces and is completely safe.

Concept Smoke Screen generators produce a class-leading particle size of 0.2 microns – tested and confirmed by the Atomic Energy Authority (Aerosols Division).

What does this mean?

The smoke is in the safest possible band for human breathing.
Smaller particle sizes mean a better system: our smoke settles extremely slowly – 9mm every hour – making ours the most persistent and effective smoke currently available on the market. The longer the smoke lasts, the more successful it will be in preventing crime.
Smaller particle sizes mean no damage: our smoke will not leave any residue on your property and will cause no damage to your belongings.
Smaller particle sizes mean greater efficiency: our smoke uses less fluid than other smoke systems on the market, meaning our generators are longer-lasting and more efficient.



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