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Risco Agility™ 3 Wireless Ideal for Domestic & Small Business

Agility KitRISCO Group's Agility™ 3 elegantly combines state-of-the-art video verification and Smartphone apps with advanced wireless security and safety features. Monitoring stations can now identify false alarms, as video verification enables immediate confirmation of a crime-in-progress, prioritizing response and increasing efficiency. For the self-monitoring market, the Smartphone app is ideal, as homeowners want on-the-go control and monitoring of their home security. Featuring remote management, advanced communication, simple installation, and a comprehensive range of peripherals, Agility™ 3 with video verification is the ideal wireless solution for residential
and small commercial installations.

Agility™ 3 offers a complete range of safety, security and home automation accessories, both 1-way and 2-way wireless that can be combined in the same installation. 

Wireless Sensors

eyeWave™ Wireless PIR/PET Cameraadvanced wireless
• Wireless PIR/PET detector with integrated camera
• PIR coverage 12m wide angle
• VGA/QVGA resolution with 85° field of view
• Discreet IR flash provides imaging in complete
darkness, up to 10m range
• Battery save mode while system is disarmed

• Complete range of wireless indoor, outdoor and
perimeter detectors
• Indoor and outdoor wireless sounders

Outdoor & Perimeter
Wireless WatchOUT™
• Reliable outdoor detection with 2 PIR channels,
and IP65 rating
• 1-way and 2-way versions available
Wireless Beams
• Reliable perimeter detection
• Direct sunlight immunity
• 1-way and 2-way versions available

• Smoke, Gas Detector
• CO and Flood detectors
• Ideal for the Australian Market

Elderly Care
• Stylish and water-resistant Wristband Panic Transmitter
• Alerts if an elderly parent is immobile in the home over a defined period


Home Automationadvanced wireless1
• 2-way wireless Input/Output Expander
• 4 wired inputs and 4 outputs

2-way Wireless LCD Keypad
• Integrated proximity reader for arm/disarm
• Adaptive menu displays only the relevant options
according to the installation and set up

2-way Wireless Slim LED Keypad
• Full system user operation
• Door chime feature
• Outdoor version available
• Available with Proximity Reader
2-way Remote Control
• Multi color LEDs indication for system status
• PIN code for higher security

2-way Remote Control
• Multi color LEDs indication for status
• PIN code for higher security

Video Verification

RISCO Group's Wireless Video Verification solution verifies alarms with a sequence of snapshots, reducing false alarm costs. When armed, the camera is automatically activated by an event and captures a sequence of images during the alarm, and sends the images to users via RISCO's Smartphone and Web applications. Users can also trigger images on demand via the applications to verify events and determine the most appropriate response in real-time.

Smartphone App

Homeowners can now enjoy the iRISCO Smartphone App for smart and easy control of their Agility system. The revolutionary app enables users to arm/disarm the system on-the-go, visually verify alarms by viewing images taken by their PIR Cameras, take snapshots, activate home automation devices, bypass detectors, view the system's status and history, and much more. Available for iPhone, iPad and Android.

Web Application

RISCO Group's interactive Web application enables homeowners to monitor, control and configure their Agility system from any location. In addition to all the capabilities of the Smartphone app, with the Web Application users can also configure RISCO's PIR Camera settings such as the number of images taken, image resolution, and more. The application is powered by the RISCO Cloud server.

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