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CCTV Video Analytic`s Request
Please use the below form to request a written quote for a CCTV Video Analytic`s System. We understand that you could  need assistance in making decisions for the equipment needed, Please describe your needs as best as possible and let us know how you would like for CCTVAustralia to get back in touch with you.
Request a Quote
Please fill out the below quote request form and we will email you back a custom quote as quickly as possible. Please note that sometimes new emails can get caught up as spam, so if you do not see a response from us, please check your junk folder.
CCTV Video Analytic`s Requirements
Our analytic`s systems already come with Flow Counting, Missing Left Object Detection, Virtual Fence Detection, Secure Zone Detection, Scene change Detection, Loitering Detection which is built in to the system. Please be aware that for our advanced extra analytic`s features a camera for each new function will be needed for these advanced functions so for example if you need 2 facial recognition areas you will need software for each camera location.

Please Note: You can choose what you feel is the amount of cameras & recording device needed at your location. There is 2 current technologies that we can use being HD-SDI Digital over Coaxial cabling & Digital IP CCTV using Cat 5 or Cat 6 cabling. HD-SDI will go up to 16 Channels & IP CCTV can utilise up to 32 Channels if needed.

Note: Due to the specialised equipment being used for this technology CCTVAustralia will not do installation if our equipment is not used.

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