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Please use the below form to request a written quote for a Commercial Wireless, Solar or 3G/4G application.   We understand that you could  need assistance in making decisions for the equipment needed, Please describe your needs as best as possible and let us know how you would like for CCTVAustralia to get back in touch with you. Please note that sometimes new emails can get caught up as spam, so if you do not see a response from us, please check your junk folder.
Please Note: Attention to Part Time CCTV Installers, Electricians & unlicensed operators CCTVAustralia will only do a Quote proposal for customers who will endeavor to utilize our services by taking serious the implementation of our equipment and Cameras for the full installation of a Professional Wireless CCTV System. CCTVAustralia is not in the business of Free Informational Gathering for other companies.
Wireless, Solar or 3G/4G Equipment Requirements
Please advise the amount of cameras wanted, if Wireless infrastructure is needed and if Solar is essential due to no power. 3G/4G Remote viewing can also be implemented if the intended location is an isolated area with no power.

Please Note: If there is no strong lighting at the installation site Infra red cameras will be needed. If using Solar panels for your project Infra Red cameras will use more power therefore you will need more battery storage capacity and Extra Solar Panels. When using Solar the battery Supplies will charge during the day and be used at night.

Note: Due to the specialised equipment being used for this technology CCTVAustralia will not do installation if our equipment is not used.

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