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Commercial, Business, Industrial & Retail applications are welcome for an online quotation.To all householders due to our variety of DIY Kits we kindly ask that you consider our range of kits for your residence. If you need any assistance for residential please contact us direct by phone and we will be happy to help.

Please use the below form to request a written quote for a surveillance system from CCTVAustralia. We understand that you could  need assistance in making decisions, which cameras needed, placement of the cameras, etc.  Please describe your needs as best as possible and we will email you back a custom quote as quickly as possible. Please note that sometimes new emails can get caught up as spam, so if you do not see a response from us, please check your junk folder.
Camera Requirements
Please supply us with the number of cameras that you need.  Estimate if you are unsure.

DVR Requirements

Installation Requirements
CCTVAustralia has installation partners Australia wide as well as our own Installers.  These partners are not employed by CCTVAustralia but are maintained in our database as professionals that are familiar with the equipment that we provide. It is the customer's responsibility to understand that a Installation quotation can change depending on circumstances such as height of ceilings which need a scissor lift inaccessible ceiling areas and asbestos concerns to name a few.

NOTE: . CCTVAustralia does not do Installations & network configurations for CCTV equipment that is not purchased from our company due to Cheap CCTV imports flooding the Australian market being illegal, faulty & electrically dangerous.

Note: CCTVAustralia does not provide installation when our equipment is not used. 

If you have chosen to have a complete installation quote, we will need to have your complete address, where the installation may take place.

payment optionsCopyright 2013 All rights reserved. CCTVAustralia use the proper Australian regulatory standards for our products and Adheres to Proper legal testing procedures for all imported products.

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