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Analogue Economical CCTV Camera

High Sensitivity Digital CCTV Camera Series

Key Features of Innovative Economical Camera

Usually, Low End CCTV cameras are considered as 380 TVL, 420TVL cameras with only basic features. Most of those cameras have poor video quality due to limited video processing capability. CCTVAustralia, now launches 550TVL Economical High Sensitivity Sensor cameras with the innovative digital image processing technology which can be comparable to the one given to high resolution CCTV cameras.This new innovative technology will give full satisfaction to the low-end users who have low and limited budgets for the security.


The smear effect of digital video image is sometimes serious problem as the image detail of objects that are near the strong luminous source is subject to be blurred out due to the spreading of light. CCTVAustralia's Economical Camera can cancel the smear effects and it can create the better image quality.


The video processing technology of CCTVAustralia Economical Camera reduces the color distortion.The users of CCTVAustralia Economical Camera will feel better, because the video color that they need to watch constantly is natural color. This will maximize the user's convenience of monitoring.


CCTVAustralia's Economical Camera optimizes the digital image's overexposure area and underexposure area. The correction of exposure is important to recognize the object's details.

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