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CCTV Cable Connections for Digital & High definition Analogue Installations

Installation of Surveillance equipment will need specific cctv connectors in regards to which type of cctv cable types you will be using.  Coaxial cable is used for HD-SDI Digital installations & also HD-TVI & AHD Analogue Installations where many cable type scenarios will need different types of connections for all applications. IP Digital Installs in general will only need a RJ45 connector as both Power & Video when using Power over Ethernet will on use the one cat 5 or 6 cable. If you are not sure which connections would be suited contact us and we will be able to understand your application.

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BNC Twist

The CTWIST BNC Male twist on features:

BNC Male Twist on, used on CCTV cable RG59, No tool needed.

BNC Crimp

The CRIMP BNC connector features:

BNC Male Crimp 3 pieces type, Used on CCTV cable RG59. BNC Crimp tool needed, Most common method for CCTV Installs.


The BNCRCA BNC to RCA connect features:

Co-axial cable terminated with a BNC, Connects to a female RCA input.

BNC Adaptor

The BNCFF connector features:

• Connect up to two BNC cables for the purpose of Video transmission

BNC Adaptor

The BNCADAPT connector features:

BNC Male to BNC male, Connect two separate cables with opposite connections

T Piece Adaptor

The BNCT T Piece adaptor features:

BNC male to double female adapter, For CCTV DVR to view two LCD Screens at the same time.


The BNCMF RCA to BNC features:

BNC Connect to RCA Cable, Changes a cable with a BNC connector into a RCA connector, Used to connect from DVR to televisions & also audio.

Female DC Jack

The CDCF Female DC Jack features:

CCTV DC Power Female Jack Connector, Used to connect Fig 8 Cable positive & negative on screw end, Female end used to connect power.

Male DC Jack

The CDCM Male DC Jack features:

CCTV DC Power Male Jack Connector, Used to connect camera cable into male jack, Positive & negative used to connect the power Fig 8 cable.

DC Jacks

Power Female & Male DC Jack Features

Male Used to connect camera cable into male jack, Female end used to connect into power supply, Positive & negative used to connect the power Fig 8 cab.

4 Way Splitter

The 4SPLIT 4 way Splitter Features

Use one power supply for 4 CCTV cameras, good quality, Competitive price

8 Way Splitter

The 8SPLIT 8 way Splitter Features

Use one power supply for 8 CCTV cameras, good quality, Competitive price.

RJ45 Connections

The RJ4520 RJ45 Connections Features

RJ45 connector, 20 in a packet, connects to 10/100 & 1000, used for Ethernet cable installations.

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