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Commercial CCTV Systems

Commercial CCTV Systems, Security Cameras, and Video Surveillance at your service.

Commercial Installations

CCTVAustralia has experience in larger Commercial camera installations. We classify any more than a 16 camera surveillance system as a Commercial Installation. As of late our specialty has been 32 camera IP systems for medium sized supermarkets around Australia.

High Quality Commercial CCTV Systems

We offer the highest quality products for all of our larger installations including our Commercial Security Cameras Systems.A Commercial installation is a serious matter and we want to make sure that there is no headaches involved with our commercial surveillance system.ptz1

Warranty Support

We stand behind our products 100%, which is why we have some of the best warranties in our industry. If a product is defective, we will repair or replace it.

Superior Support and Service

We will give you strong service and technical support when needed. Contact us and our technicians and we will answer any concerns that may arise.

complicated systems designs

Some systems can get quite confusing Our technicians are here to help you build the perfect system for your site or business. CCTVAustralia will go through the entire plan with you to make sure your new Surveillance system is exactly what is needed.

Commercial Quotation

If you are interested in a quotation for a commercial System or any large order, the best way of getting a quote is to fill out our online quotation form or call us on 1300 432 288 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  The products on our site being 4,8,16 channel systems are mainly for small to medium type installations our commercial quotation will use the recommended equipment for commercial installations.

Types of Commercial CCTV Systems

At CCTVAustralia we are serious about product reliability we spend a vast amount of time on product research having you the customer in mind. Our company follows the correct Australian standards for electronic equipment to enter the Australian market we also request compliance reports from our manufacturers and at times visit the factory direct to get a first hand view of the quality of product recommended for our company.

Listen and trust our experience as we know what works and what does not. You need a company that has a grasp on the latest technology will be there to train you and support your surveillance needs.

IP CCTV Company checklist

There are plenty of security companies out there, but not all have the credentials and industry experience you can rely on to ensure you get the service that you deserve. Make sure your CCTV Company provides all your needs.

Does your CCTV company have the proper industry related licensing?

CCTVAustralia have all the necessary accreditations. We have a master Security License as well as proper Australian wide network cabling licenses We have held these accreditations for a number of years and believe they demonstrate our commitment to our services to a high standard.

Does the CCTV Company that you are looking at have the necessary experience?

We have undertaken a number of large installations and have been chosen by businesses around Australia.

Do you have dedicated "in house" IT systems specialist to provide support after installation is complete?

We have invested and trained our knowledge base within the company so that we can successfully undertake any security project our clients need.

Does the company you are looking at have the recommended equipment to ensure the best solution is provided?

We believe that we must listen to our client's requirements and only then we can implement a solution. Our company wants you to have quality as we are not after quick sales with cheap end systems.

Can you get proper testimonials from the company you are looking at?

Contact us and we'll talk to you about how we have helped other clients with IP CCTV. We can even put you in touch with some of our customers for reference.


payment optionsCopyright 2013 All rights reserved. CCTVAustralia use the proper Australian regulatory standards for our products and Adheres to Proper legal testing procedures for all imported products.

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