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3G Alarm Camera

3G Alarm Camera

3G Wireless Video Alarm Ideal for Live viewing and instant Video alarm call

Our 3G Security Video Camera wireless alarm kit system uses the latest technology being completely wireless with the option of having all major sensors needed for an alarm. Our wireless alarm system video camera can be used for domestic wireless house alarms or small business purposes and is ideal for live viewing as well as an instant video call if the 3G Video camera is activated. All that is needed is a 3G Sim Card and the recommended latest Samsung Galaxy Mobile Phone which has Video receiving & calling capability as the Samsung Galaxy  has the recommended Video calling technology suited for our 3G Video camera alarm system. Please be aware that our 3G Video wireless alarm System will not function with other phone technologies such as IPhones.

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3G Alarm camera
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The 3Gcam Alarm camera features:

• Direct 3G Sim card communication
• Actively calls you with SMS messaging
• Instant Video calling on your mobile phone
• Event recording on Micro SD card for Video & Pictures
• Control of your system with text messaging
• Remote view any time you want
• Audio capability through Phone
• 10 Complete Wireless Accessories can be attached
• Samsung Galaxy Phone recommended

3G Wireless PIR

The 3GPIR Alarm Sensor features:

• Complete Wireless PIR Detector
• Long battery life 3 years with 50 activations a day
• Anti tamper Function
• Dimensions 108mm L × 80mm × 46mm H
• Working Power 3.0V DC CR123A battery
• Interchangeable Lens type and Coverage

3G Keyfob Remote

The 3GFOB Remote keyfob features:

• Wireless Remote keyfob
• Long battery life 2 years with 50 activations a day
• 65mm L × 36mm W × 14mm H
• Working Power 3.0V DC CR2032 battery
• Commands of remote keyfob are Away, Home, Off, Panic

Door Window Sensor

The 3GDWSEN Door & Window sensor:

• Complete Wireless D/W Sensor Detector
• Long battery life 3 years with 50 activations a day
• Anti tamper Function
• Dimension 100mm L × 30mm W × 22mm H
• Magnet 50mm L × 10mm W × 15mm H
• Working Power 3.0V DC CR123A battery

Remote Keypad

The 3GKEYPAD Wireless Keypad:

• Complete Wireless Keypad
• Long battery life 3 years with 50 activations a day
• 6 user codes for operation
• Anti tamper Function
• Low Battery warning indicated
• Working Power 3.0V DC CR123A battery

Wireless Siren/Flasher

The SOLSIR Wireless Solar Siren:

• contains a solar-powered Siren/Flasher Unit and a Universal Transmitter Module.
• Unit is mainly operated by the solar-generated power
• Internal rechargeable battery as being the back-up power even during nighttime.

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