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Lets face it there are many out there who claim to be CCTV experts but when problems arise will they really be there to help you. Time and time again I have been called out to help alleviate someone elses Surveillance problems by fixing what the So called previous expert should have done in the first place. There has even been cases where the actual System was not even recording and it had been installed for more than a year.

CCTV Technology is changing rapidly more than ever before so I ask you the prospective client why would you use a company that is the skill of all trades and Master of none. I can name a few so called experts being Locksmiths, Electricians and even IT experts seem to stumble when it comes to CCTV technology. CCTVAustralia will allways be there to listen and alleviate any concerns if you decide to do Business with us.

We Use the Latest Technology Advances so why not ask us for a Quote

• No Need to Pull out that Old Cable, Ethernet over Coax Technology saves you DollarsEthernet Over Coax
• Use the latest Analytics advances, Point of Sale or people Counting we can help
• 5 Different CCTV technologies at your service. We Listen to your Budget
• Cameras with In Built Surge Protection, yes it is already built in to the camera
• Dome & Bullet Cameras with Motorized lenses, control from your desktop
• Cameras with Alarm sensor and automatic Flashlight to help see an intruder.
• Ultra Low Compression Rates using (ULCR™)technology higher resolution cameras with less recording rates. Half your hard drive space same recording
• 600 Meter PoE Power over Ethernet Cable cameras. How is that Possible it`s  technology we can now use the latest cameras to go the furthest distances.
• We now use 10 Megapixel IP cameras being the latest release in Megapixel Technology

Coax Cable TransmissionEthernet over CoaxUTP Cable TransmissionVMS

Commercial Grade 32 Channel IP Systems we use Quality Product that is Reliable

Prebuilt 32 IP Camera support with 4 HDDs Robust and Industrial-suited Design for 24 Hour Operation.

32 Channel Lite


Prebuilt 32 IP Camera support with 4 hot-swap HDDs Robust and Industrial-suited Design for 24 Hour  Operation.

32 Channel Lite


Prebuilt 32 IP Camera support with 8 hot-swap HDDs Robust and Industrial-suited Design for 24 Hour Operation.

32 Channel


32 Channel Professional IP Systems are ideal for Supermarkets, Small to medium Hotels, Industrial Storage areas, Large Retail Areas, Factory floor areas, Distribution areas, Nursing Homes, to name a few locations where we can Install our latest 32 Channel IP Systems.

Commercial Quotation

If you are interested in a quotation for a commercial System or any large order, the best way of getting a quote is to fill out our online quotation form or call us on 1300 432 288 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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